Transform your space with stylish bean bags!
Elevate your home decor with our stylish range of bean bags. From modern designs to classic styles, our products are the perfect addition to any room.
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Relax in style with our designer bean bags!
Enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience with our designer bean bags. Created with both style and comfort in mind, our products are the perfect choice for any modern home.
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Who We Are

A store that offers bean bags with a difference!

We are Bean Bags Dubai, a company specializing in manufacturing and selling bean bags. Our company is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Our mission is to provide you with the best possible quality so that you can enjoy your time spent on our products. We also want to ensure customers have a positive experience when buying from us. We aim to create bean bags for pool you love using, feel comfortable in, and enjoy spending time in. This will lead to a happier home life for everyone!


bean bags dubai

Classic Teen

bean bags dubai

Classic Adult Leather

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Classic Chill Outdoor

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Classic Jumbo

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Classic Cozy Leather

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Lounger Outdoor


Why Purchase Bean Bags Dubai From Us?

Bean bags have come to stay, and it’s time you got with the times! Beans Bags Dubai is here to provide you with options that please your customers’ sense of style.

We are a professional bean bag dealer who specializes in supplying high-quality bean bags in Dubai. We have worked in this industry for many years and gained much experience. You can contact us if you want to buy bean bags in Dubai. We offer the best quality products at affordable prices. Our customers are satisfied with our services and repeatedly return to us.

Quality Customization

Our team of professional bean bag specialists is dedicated to creating the best bean bag colors ideal for your taste, comfort and home renovation goals. Make sure your home decor is blended well with the rest of the room; choose a custom design and get a discount today!

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us. We don't just provide you with an outstanding product; we also offer the best service possible. Our professional consultants can help you choose bean bag sofas depending on your needs and desires.

Professional Consultancy

We are highly professional and experienced service providers. Our sales consultants are dedicated to helping you find the perfect bean bags chairs for your home. You can get your questions answered by our experts and decide on the right bean bags to keep in your home. We want you to be confident that your products will complement your style and look great.

High-End Materials

We use high-end materials in all our products so that you can enjoy a smooth operation for years. Elegant, luxurious, and durable. Our sloppy bags are designed to be used for years because of their beautiful materials and quality craftsmanship. Our products' components are assembled using the latest technology to ensure their durability and longevity.

We Offer Free Shipping To The United Arab Emirates

Bean Bags makes it easy for you to buy bean bags for sale. Just fill out the free quote form, and one of our agents will deliver a free quote within 24 hours. You don’t have to do anything else and won’t have to worry about getting ripped off! Our bean bags online Dubai site gives you all the information and pricing you need before purchasing. And we’re based in Dubai. So we can deliver within days of your purchase. What’s not to like?

Shop at us and experience the ease of our site – no last-minute trips to mall parking lots because we offer free transportation to your doorstep. Please leave it to us to ensure that our customers find exactly what they want in a fun and easy-to-negotiable environment.

bean bags in dubai

Life Time Warranty

You will get the best quality bean bags at Bean Bags Dubai. Our bean bags are made with high-quality materials and are built to last. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products.

Waterproof Bean Bags Inner Cover

The inner cover of our waterproof bean bags is made from waterproof material so that no water can seep through to your floor or carpet if it gets wet. This is especially important for bean bags chair for kids, which are often filled with toys or other items that might spill onto them while they’re playing with them!

bean bags in dubai

Washable and Changeable Bean Bag Cover

You can also wash your bean bag cover whenever it gets dirty so that it always looks brand new! The outer cover on our bean bags can be removed easily. You can wash it or change it out for something new now and then!

Stylish Bean Bags For Living Room, Bedroom, Garden And Office

A stunning collection of local and imported puffy bean bags – including Sloppy Bean Bags, Chaise Lounges, Bean Bag Singles, Bean Bag Double, Bean Bags Couches and 5 Seater Sofa Bean Bags that are affordable for everyone and look great in any room. Whether you’re after a colored bean bag for your child or a designer bean bag for your home, Bean Bags Dubai has something for you!

We have an extensive range of swimming pool bean bags. From the classic pearl bean bags with neutral colors to our vibrant covers, including colored dots and exotic prints, there is something for everyone at our store. Feel the quality, comfort and design of our beanbags. They are easy to maintain and clean as they are covered with high-quality removable fabrics. You can change the cover as per your choice or mood.

How Can You Buy Bean Bags from Us

Welcome to our online showroom, where hundreds of bean bags are waiting to make you their next owner! Let us take you on a journey!

Define Your Needs

When you're ready to buy bean bags, don't just randomly choose a product. Take the time to define your needs and expectations. It is an important part of your comfort goal. The more information you have about what you want, the faster we can help you find a solution that works for you.

Pick An Option

With options for every material and style, you're sure to find what you're looking for. We offer various shades, styles, textures and patterns that are perfect for any home. All of our products are created with the finest materials and expert craftsmanship.

Place the Order

A large selection of custom bean bags for interior and exterior use! Place your order. Our sales associates are ready to help you. When it's time to make a purchase, all you have to do is either call or fill out our easy form online.

Receive the Order

We recommend attaching your size and material to the order form and sending them to our customer service representative. That ensures that you can receive your product in the shortest possible time. Delivery times will vary depending on carrier and location.


bean bags dubai

Fabric Pattern

bean bags dubai

Fabric Pattern

bean bags dubai

Fabric Pattern

The Perks and Pros of Dressing Windows with Bean Bags Dubai

As the name suggests, we specialize in providing bean bags abu dhabi to all customers, from residential homes to commercial offices. The most important part of our business is our team of experts working tirelessly to ensure every customer gets what they need. Our products are designed to suit any design style and budget. At Bean Bags Dubai, we deliver an extensive selection of bean bags to lounge around. We have a range of colors from black, grey, white and brown. Now you can sit back, relax and raise your legs without all the stiffness. We have a variety of colors to choose from, depending on your preference.

Stylish Appearances

Our bean bags are stylish and come in various designs to suit any decor. You can install the color you like most or the design of your choice. You can also go for bean bags with different textures. They make good windows, and it's easy on the eyes, especially if you have kids who tend to be curious and look at everything around them.

Low Price

With our bean bags available at low prices across Dubai, you will find the perfect piece for your home or office. Get your Bean Bag!! Perfect for naps, lounging and any time you need some “me time” to read or relax! You will surely fall in love with this “Bean Bag Dubai.”See what we have on offer and place your order today.


Comfortably relax in this Bean Bags Durable fabric for extra comfort and durability. Sized to fit most people, it’s made from premium quality PVC and will keep you comfortable and at ease for years. Our bean bag is waterproofed, which sets it apart from similar products. Waterproofing helps maintain the color and shape of your product over time and protects it from repeated washing.

Washable is the perfect choice if you are looking for functionality. Easily washable with cold water and mild detergent, this bean bag is great for kids who can spill their food or eat in their rooms during summer vacations. It has a zipper, so removing the inner filling material to wash and dry is easy.

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